Alicja Dobrucka: Houses (31°23′30.67″N 35°6′44.45″E)
15.04 - 14.05.2016

In the project showed at Rodríguez Gallery, Houses, the London-based Polish photographer analyses the architecture of a Palestinian village called Susya. Situated in what is now an Israeli settlement, Susya is known for its strong resistance against the oppressor and for its people´s devotion to their roots, their land.

The particular architecture of the place appears here as a symbol of this opposition. Houses built from long-lasting materials such as bricks or concrete are then camouflaged by their inhabitants in order to resemble temporary tents, ephemeral constructions, achieving a harmless and nonthreatening look before the occupant´s eyes.

The project examines directly the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, Susya´s case in particular, but also deals with more universal issues: the meaning of ‘home’, people´s attachment to their own traditions, life in exclusion or the constant need to hide.

Download full dossier here:
Houses EN   Houses PL


Projekt dofinansowany ze środków Miasta Poznania