Anna Talens - Above the ground
20.01 - 24.02.2017

Above the ground consists of works of different nature but with a common aspect which is the minimum elevation from the ground line. They are the result of the artist´s physical and existential attitude, close to weightlessness, that allows body and mind to reach a state of lightness. The exhibition lacks complex conceptual pretensions and focuses on a playful game of meditative processes and intuitive encounters between the artist and the material.

The artworks have been realized through 5 ways of basic and primitive manipulation: tension, repetition, accumulation, folding and balance. The main materials used in the exhibition are the Japanese thread urushi, copper, paper, feathers and other found objects. All of them have been chosen for their physical properties, for their weight, lightness or resistance, besides their poetic potential. Furthermore, the presence of colour and a certain metallic gloss stands out, giving the works a melancholic beauty.

Above the ground demonstrate the strength that lays behind the pleasant process of dialogue with the materials, inviting the viewer to contemplate this physical and spiritual levitation.

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