Dong Yoon Kim & Hirofumi Isoya: Interlaced Surrounding    
18.02.2016 - 24.03.2016

In Interlaced Surrounding the gallery space is taken up by both artists’ works, maintaining an open dialogue that focuses on their mutual interest in space/time recognition. The attempt to link past, present and future, either using images of mundane objects (Isoya) or urban environments (Dong Yoon), is what really bonds their work together.

Hirofumi Isoya uses simple, quite predictable sequences of events within his photographic works, to tease the viewer’s perception by creating an actual gap, where the reconstruction of that reality depends on the intuition of each individual. Our subconscious process of selection can be affected by subtle changes in the order in which objects are presented, as it happens with Isoya’s minimal and precise arrangements. In the Lag series for example, we find a framed picture on top of a shelf. The picture depicts what appears to be the same framed picture falling off the same shelf. A gap is created between the content of the photograph, and the photograph itself. While a photograph usually captures what has happened in the past, here it kind of predicts what could happen in the future, deliberately altering the order of the events…

Dong Yoon Kim explores the nature of man-made places, urban constructions, whose modification over time has turned them into palimpsests made of piled-up memories, without having their names or titles altered. We experience our surrounding through a sort of screen that filters and manipulates our perception (media, politics), concealing the reality with layers of disinformation. He outlines this concern by analogously distorting the images, presenting unfocused visions of our environment, at the same time that he juxtaposes the meaning of location with the analysis of the naming procedure.  The cemeteries often used by Dong Yoon to exemplify this, have in addition the singularity that for a long time they have been unpreserved, and their almost 200 years have erased most of the memories the cemeteries are usually full of. They have become non-places conquered by nature, man-made nature.


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