Dong Yoon Kim (1979, Seoul, South Korea)

Dong Yoon Kim explores the relationship between individual and collective memory, emotions encoded in the human subconscious and the physicality of places. Physicality, which the artist defines precisely through the concept of non-lieux, non-places, derived from the French anthropologist Marc Augé. Returning to the cities and areas where the artist lived (Arizona, Seoul, London), Dong Yoon Kim collects the actual non-places, anonymous spaces of everyday use, associated only with temporary identity. Moving through the consecutive rooms of the maze we discover quasi – real spaces. In squares, parks, playgrounds, the artist searches for related traces of hidden relationships, human memory.
"Supermodernity [...] naturally finds its full expression in non-places. Words and images in transit through non-places can take root in the -still diverse- places where people still try to construct part of their daily life.” M. Auge, non-places, Introduction to an Anthropology of Supermodernity, Verso, 1997, p.109