Hirofumi Isoya (1978, Tokyo, Japan)

Between two places there often emerges a time lag. Conversely, a time lag reminds us of different places, and the relationships taking place between them. Recent Hirofumi Isoya’s practice is posited on this line of thought. He tries to create such a lag in the relationships between the images, objects, and contexts involved in his works.

If you direct your attention to his work there is a picture frame on the shelf. Inside the frame there is an image that captures a moment when the same picture frame is about to fall. What strengthens this method, akin to a montage, is altering the order of things deliberately. The artist finds it intriguing in that it shows how our intuition allows us to perceive a certain event and reality.

His practice invites visitors to participate by giving their thoughts, which relate closely to what the artist has been pursuing. How is reality structured for each individual, and how are we able to construe truths and reconstruct them in our mind's eye?