María Tinaut - Untitled (Room with a view)
01.12.2017 - 17.01.2018

Untitled (Room with a View) is an exploration of the living space through photographic language and painting. The rooms we encounter here combine images from different places, times, and sources in order to establish relationships of fictional familiarity and estrangement. 

Malleability of memory is key to the nature of these works. We find the same house under construction in various pieces in the exhibition, presented in different medias (photocopy, painting, photography, screen printing). In spite of this image being very tangible by presented so many times, it is a house that to us, only exists in images, for we have never actually been there. Other rooms were experienced in first person but a long time ago. Therefore, today these places only exist in images as well. 
There are no hierarchies between the found images and those of my own. They all collide on a same plane. Architectural places intertwine with a constructed memory of them in order to articulate new narratives.