Maya Saravia (1984, Guatemala)

"I am interested in abstraction as a way of peeling off layers of reality to stablished or ongoing narratives. I am very interested in the construction of history and the portrayal of current affairs as a process of consent within liberal democracies, and how this mechanisms affect our experience of the world. This poses many questions, such as to what extent are we capable of discerning reality from fiction, how this affects our agency as citizens and how exposed our subjectivities become to the exercise of different power regimes as they operate outside our individual control.

My process often begins with a personal interest that drives me to research. I base my investigations on oficial reports, academic papers and published news, as well as speculative material produced online. My research is in no way academic or journalistic, but completely instinctive. This leads me to a practice that is based on speculation, and that finds a space within delirium and abstraction as a way to cope with the possibilities of reality and fiction and all the poetic interpretations that may arise.

The subjects of my interest often involve violence, specially in the political realm. This includes civil unrest, rioting, alternative forms of protest, armed conflicts, hybrid warfare and war itself. I am very interested in radical experience, either violent, mystic, hallucinatory, individual or collective. I am also interested in the construction of identity within these experiences.

I work mainly on installation, printmaking and currently experimenting with video."