Jakub Jasiukiewicz: Gravity and friction   
15.10.2015 - 20.11.2015 

Although the starting point of Jasiukiewicz’s research is gravity and friction, as the title indicates, the real subject explored in this exhibition is the body.

The artist distinguishes several analogies as well as divergences in the meanings of terms such as resistance, friction, attraction, endurance… which belong to two very different vocabularies- one is related to the science of physics, while the other describes our biological body, its functioning and interrelations.

Looking at the matter of the body from this original perspective, the artist poses some questions:  What do closeness, touch, repulsion, intimacy, deformation mean in this context? ; where are the limits of our physical resistance?;  to what extent the body stops obeying the rules of physics and starts fighting against them, establishing its own boundaries?

Using different media and integrating his characteristic sense of humour, Jasiukiewicz creates works that revolve around those issues and reveal merely pieces of narration, from where the spectator is invited to undertake his own individual path throughout the exhibition.


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Gravity and friction ENG   Tarcie i grawitacja PL